Mental health assessment tools for perinatal and early childhood services and research

MORS Tools

There are two versions of the MORS: MORS-SF and MORS-Child


MORS SF has been developed for use with mothers or other primary caregivers where the infant is aged from a few weeks old up to the age about one year. Research in Hungary has found that MORS-SF, in the Hungarian version, was acceptable for use with male caregivers and performed in a similar way.

The English version of MORS-SF is available in two different presentations. One, ‘My Baby’ can be printed to form a simple A5 fold booklet. The other, that was produced by the Oxford PMH service, is a two-sided A4 form.

Validation studies have shown that MORS-SF has good psychometric properties (Oates et al., 2019).

MORS-SF is also available in Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Somali, Spanish and Swedish versions, which have each been back-translated and evaluated for semantic accuracy.



MORS Child is a very similar version, with the word ‘child’ replacing the word ‘baby’. This version was validated in a study conducted by a research team in the Warwick University Medical School (Simkiss et al. 2013) and has been found to have good psychometric properties, equivalent to those of MORS-SF.

The MORS Tools

  • MORS-SF ‘My Baby’
  • MORS-SF Oxford
  • MORS-Child
  • MORS-SF Arabic
  • MORS-SF Simplified Chinese
  • MORS-SF Dutch
  • MORS-SF Hebrew
  • MORS-SF Hindi
  • MORS-SF Hungarian
  • MORS-SF Polish
  • MORS-SF Russian
  • MORS-SF Somali
  • MORS-SF Spanish
  • MORS-SF Swedish


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